3 July, 2023

The Region triples foreign investment compared to the average of the last five years and leads national growth  

The Region of Murcia has tripled foreign investment compared to the average of the last five years and leads the growth of the national average. According to the data published by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, the Region reached 363 million euros in foreign investment in the first quarter of this year, ranking among the four Spanish communities that received the highest investment, after Madrid, the Valencian Community and Catalonia.  

In fact, this figure of 363 million represents an increase of more than 300% compared to the average of foreign direct investment in the last five years, and this percentage is the highest of all the autonomous communities, which multiplies by six the growth of the national average, 50.8%. 

In addition, as the Regional Minister for Business, Social Economy and Self-employed, Valle Miguélez, has highlighted “these data represent, in a single quarter, more than 66 percent of foreign investment registered throughout the year 2022 in the Region, which stood at 545.9 million euros.”.  

In a sectoral analysis, according to official statistics, the industry gains weight and is positioned as the main sector receiving foreign investment at the national level, a situation that also occurs in our Region.  

Therefore, foreign investments in the Region of Murcia during the first three months of this year account for 3.6 percent of the Spanish total for that period. “A figure that could even be higher, if we take into account that, when it comes to an investment of multinational groups, in most cases that investment is registered in the community where they have regional headquarters, usually Madrid or Barcelona and, although the investment is made elsewhere, these big cities are the ones who collect that statistic”, the Regional Minister added.