Investing companies
in the Region of Murcia




“The talent we are able to find in the Region of Murcia is the key factor to developing new industrial processes for the innovation that is necessary and required for our business in the Aerospace industry.”

Iñaki Elia
Director of M.Torres, Murcia

“Our plant is based in Murcia because we have the proximity of their farmers and we can leverage the material which comes from the surrounding of the area which is the best vegetable and the best fruit in Europe.”

Laura Aimone
Plant Manager of Tropicana Alvalle/Pepsico

“In Murcia, there is a really well established industrial sector. Since the beginning, we really had all the support we needed from the local government.”

Theo van Eldik
Site director SABIC, Cartagena, Murcia Region

“The Region of Murcia is a strategic location for our operations. We have always believed that new technologies open many doors and create jobs in various sectors, such as those announced today; this is very positive news especially in the times we live in"

Fred Pattje
Regional Operations Director for Italy, France and Spain

«One of the main reasons why we are in the Region of Murcia is because of the human capital and existing talent in the Region"»

José Antonio Bermúdez
NTT DATA CAR Director in Murcia

Cases Estudies Pepsico Foods A.I.E

In this new story, we present a worldwide known company which, after being invited to set up in other regions, chose Murcia as its home base in SE Spain. Let’s see some of its reasons…

Cases Estudies NTT DATA