Fast track
to investment (UNAI)

INVEST IN MURCIA SERVICIES. Fast track to investment (UNAI)


Murcia is the only Spanish Region with a Fast Track to Investment allowing qualified investment projects to cut bureaucracy in half, licenses and permits included.

The main features of UNAI are as follows:

Investing firms have a one-stop-shop where all proceedings can be managed; the Regional Development Agency of Murcia (INFO), through Invest in Murcia, manages them.

UNAI project eligibility is determined within 48 hours. Then, a specialist guides the company based on a road map defined by the Investment Committee.

Legal requirement to cut in half the time needed for paperwork.

To qualify as a UNAI project, the requirements are as follows

Generation of at least twenty-five full-time, permanent jobs.


Fixed asset investment, excluding land and construction, for an amount of at least €3 million.

UNAI currently manages a portfolio of 230 projects accounting for €4.69 billion and the creation of 7,944 jobs. To register with UNAI, contact one of our technicians at call +34968362800, or follow this link.



The regional law requires our team of experts to address your investment proposal within 48 hours. When it comes to investment…we don’t like to wait!