in the Murcia Region


Economic environment

The business environment of the Region of Murcia is innovative, open and competitive, providing a perfect ground for traditional companies, , multinational corporations and young entrepreneurs to operate and expand their businesses.

The Region of Murcia is a major Spanish and European producer of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Murcia’s commitment to innovation is paramount to obtain quality products that compete in the world’s main markets.

The Region offers investment and expansion opportunities throughout the entire sectoral value chain, including seeds, crops, agricultural technology, fourth and fifth range, as well as packing, packaging and logistics.

Our export figures speak volumes about the relevance of this industry: with only 2.2% of Spain’s territory, the Region exports 20% of all Spanish fruits and vegetable export turnove.

This sector is comprised of export-oriented companies specializing in industrial production, energy, and petro-chemistry. Within the Region of Murcia secondary sector, there are also important business activities carried out in the habitat sector (led by furniture), fashion and footwear, pharmacy and shipyards.

This intense business activity has resulted in the development of a solid auxiliary industry, including metal-mechanics and precision engineering.

The fact that the Region of Murcia has attracted the two largest industrial investments ever made in Spain, shows clearly the appeal of our business network. (Repsol €3.2 billion; SABIC €1.6 billion).

The regional sectors of construction and tourism are thriving. Whereas the former is still recovering from the 2008 meltdown, the latter has not ceased to grow. In addition to its appeal as a sun-and-beach destination, in recent years Murcia has also consolidated as a congress tourism favorite, with some venues amongst the best in Southern Europe.

The tourist industry offers nowadays some of the best investment opportunities, with the best Spanish, European and American chains already operating in our region.