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How can I use the smart business location tool “Find Your Site”?

Just go to www.investinmurcia.com, section “InvesTools” or directly to www.findyoursiteinmurcia.com

How can I have my project categorized as UNAI?

Everything is online, which means you should have a digital signature. On our electronic office InfoDirecto, there is a link to UNAI. There you can see how it works and download the request form, a project report template and the steps to be followed prior to submittal.

How can I know my project was categorized as UNAI?

Once your request and project report are submitted, an INFO technician will guide you through the process. 48 later and if your project was qualified, we will send you an admission letter and reference number, which will be your UNAI “ID card” throughout the process. Call us at +34968362800 if you want direct information.

My project files are too heavy for the system.

No problem! Send us your request form and project report and we will call you to suggest alternative methods to send the information.

I am looking for a business location but cannot find anything I like.

At www.findyoursiteinmurcia.com we have nearly 1,000 properties including lots, warehouses, commercial premises, office space, and coworking areas. Having said that, if you or your company has a special request, such as specific power supply or gas lines, you can always contact our Business Site Location Service. Email us at investinmurcia@info.carm.es or call us at +34968362800. We will provide your business with a customized service to help you find the best site.

What is Invest in Murcia? Any cost?

Invest in Murcia is the Investment and Industrial Land Department of the Regional Development Agency of Murcia (INFO). INFO is the development agency of the Murcia Region Government, with competences in innovation, financing, entrepreneurship, European projects, foreign trade, investment, and industrial land. We work to favor the economic development of the Region and to promote Murcia Region firms.

I own a lot in an industrial park, can I list it on Find Your Site?

Of course! Find Your Site helps investors to set up in the Region of Murcia, as well as real estate asset owners (lots, warehouses, commercial premises, office space, coworking areas) by making their properties visible. Follow the instructions shown here, it’s very easy.

I own industrial land that is not yet developed. Can I register it on Find Your Site?

The minimum urban development level required to register your property on this platform is having a fully approved urban planning (partial plan or similar). In such case, you could register it.



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