and implementation costs

INVEST IN MURCIA. REASONS TO INVEST IN MURCIA. Operational and implementation costs

Estimated Investment

The Region of Murcia benefits from one of the most important cost-related competitive advantages in terms of business setup and daily operational business activity. This advantage allows the Region to be a step ahead of other destinations when it comes to investment return. Having all our industrial parks well documented, together with the benefits of being a single-province region, make the Region of Murcia one of the most competitive investment destinations.

Industrial land avg. price  €/ m2

Europe: €368|Spain: €119 | Murcia:€70

Build bigger, build cheaper

Rental office avg. price €/m2

Europe: €24 | Spain: €9| Murcia: €7

Bring your fixed costs down

Electricity cost (kW/h)

Europe: 12 | Spain: 10.3 | Murcia: 9.9

Light up your business

Petrol prices

Europe: €1.33 | Spain: €1.17 | Murcia: €1.12

Save at the pump

1-bedroom apt. city center

Europe: €721 | Spain: €539 | Murcia: €331

Bring your fixed costs down

Crime index

Europe: 39 | Spain: 32  | Murcia: 22

Peace of mind

77 Industrial Parks

Large variety of industrial parks to meet the needs fo all types of companies

Large variety, complete services and easy accces

9 Technology Centers

We have a complete network of technology centers which collaborate with companies in R&D initiatives

Internacional collaboration, synergies and dinamic response

 +25 New Undergrads

College and vocational training degrees in the fields demanded by the business world

All type of labor, qualified offer and languages