1 September, 2023

The multinational Expal Propellant Systems purchases Santa Bárbara

The multinational Expal Propellant Systems is the reference company of Maxam Group, expert in the manufacture and design of new propellants, simulation studies, lab analysis and ballistic tests, and is located in the premises of the old gunpowder factory of Santa Bárbara in Javalí Viejo.  

The German company Rheinmetall has completed the purchase of this Murcian company in the defense sector once the authorization of the competent authorities has been obtained and for an acquisition price that amounts to approximately 1,200 million euros. Rheinmetall reached an agreement with Maxam, the group that owns the company, to acquire Expal Systems, with the aim of formalizing the operation to increase its arms, ammunition and propellants business. The German company will keep the entire workforce in its factory in Murcia.  

From now on, the Spanish company will continue to operate as Rheinmetall Expal Munitions and as an important partner of the Spanish Armed Forces “making its products, technologies and industrial capabilities available to them”. Given the high demand expected in many countries, Rheinmetall explained that with this acquisition it seeks to prepare “as best as possible for new and complex tenders for the supply of ammunition”.  

The facilities in Jabalí Viejo consist of an intelligent factory thanks to the collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, where projects such as Innpacto are carried out. High-level research is being conducted in these units for the development of gunpowder for recreational applications, and other products such as rocket propellants and recycling of energy products from the demilitarization of munitions. The results aim to put the new products on the pyrotechnic and defense market.