13 May, 2023

The Japanese giant Marubeni lines up the purchase of the Murcian Sabater

After several months of negotiations, the sale of the Murcian Sabater Spices now faces its final stretch. The leading company in the spices and paprika sector had aroused the interest of several international investment funds that had remained in the bidding until the last moment, although finally it will be the Japanese giant Marubeni who will take control of the firm.

To this end, it is negotiating exclusively with Portobello, the investment fund that owns 70% of the company’s shares, to complete an operation that could be valued between 250 and 270 million euros. For its part, the Sabater family, founder of the company, will reinvest in the group while maintaining a minority stake.

With the upcoming purchase of Sabater Spices, this Japanese giant would complete its first operation in Spain and strengthen its presence in Europe. In total, this Japanese group is made up of almost 150 affiliated companies totaling 46,100 employees.

Founded in 1904 in Murcia, Sabater Spices is a company specialized in the sale of paprika that has more than 400 employees distributed between its headquarters in Cabezo de Torres and its four delegations. Indeed, it has offices in China, Senegal, Peru and the United States, a country it recently entered after acquiring the company BDS Natural Products.