7 October, 2021

The INFO invites to tender for 14 plots in La Unión and Fuente Álamo

The development agency for the Region of Murcia (INFO) has put out a tender for the sale of 14 plots located in the industrial areas of Lo Bolarín (La Unión) and Fuente Álamo for buyer companies to develop their industrial projects.

Six of the plots are located in Lo Bolarín Business Park, in La Unión, while the other eight are located in Fuente Álamo Technology Park. The prices of the building plots of the industrial park of Lo Bolarín vary from 700 m² to 9,000 m² (all at € 43 / m²), the other eight plots in the Technological Park of Fuente Álamo have an area of 2,000 m² to 10,000 m² (from € 48 / m²).

The use of each plot is the construction of industrial activities and services related to them, in accordance with the uses provided for in the municipal ordinances and urban regulations.

The tender notice was published on October 4, 2021 and more information about it can be found at the Public Sector Contracting Platform. The deadline for submission of tenders is 2nd November at 14:00 p.m. (local time).