1 March, 2021

Region of Murcia: where business lives and life works

The widespread pandemic situation has caused thousands of people to adopt teleworking, a new way of working that many of us were not used to before. For many other companies and professionals this is not a problem, the use of technology, working in the cloud and other forms of communication are part of their day to day.

The Region of Murcia stands out for having a unique business environment, first-rate telecommunications infrastructures and we also boast of enjoying a high quality of life at a very competitive cost. From going to the beach in the morning, to climbing to more than 2,000 meters of altitude in less than two hours, having lunch in a two-Michelin-star restaurant along the way. But it is not only beach, mountains and gastronomy, it is climate, culture, leisure and a balance of life that is difficult to match. If you need to work hard, count on the Region of Murcia.

For those of which telework is part of their DNA, the region offers a wide range of options to do it the way you like: collaborative spaces, coworking, small offices with shared services. And they are all strategically located so you can spend your time working… and living.

In our smart business location tool you can find the entire network of the 25 business incubators that offer 225 spaces, choose from the more than 50 coworking spaces, or if you are a young company you can become part of the two European Centers of Innovation, or our Murcia Science Park or the Fuente Alamo Tech Park. Any sector of activity in which you work will surely also have a place in one of our nine Technology Centers.

In the same tool you can find accommodation, study your places of interest, educational centers, and of course sports centers and leisure places.

Cultural offer

In the region we have ancient cities dating from the Carthaginian and Roman times, museums and monuments that will make you travel back in time.

Imagine going out and having a great historical heritage surprise you in every corner. Museums, monuments and thousands of plans to do. Imagine that you visit cities where you travel back in time, learn about their traditions and enjoy while you learn to value the living legacy that surrounds you. You will wonder how there is so much to do and to feel in this little corner of the Mediterranean.

Fiestas and events

Open-air concerts, cinema, theater … the events calendar is endless throughout the year.


We have two seas that will delight lovers of water sports, diving, mountains, endless trails or caves, golf courses and an enviable climate in the Mediterranean arc.

Active tourism is one of the great leisure proposals in contact with nature that the Region of Murcia offers. Along the coast and in the interior lands, the visitor will find numerous possibilities for practicing all kinds of sports and activities.


The cuisine of the Region of Murcia is the cuisine of a thousand flavors, the tradition of the Mediterranean diet, wine-tourism with its three designations of origin of wine, fish and seafood or the flavors of the interior that you can enjoy in our food markets.

Leisure and fun

Proposals for all ages and all tastes fill the days and nights of those who visit us with experiences in constant movement. In addition, the good temperatures that are maintained throughout the year, its privileged geographical location and the hospitable nature of the people, enhance the playful nature of this region.

Come work with us and you will not regret it. Whether you are an independent professional, a small technology company, or if you decide to implement your internal management teams here, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, you can count on the Region of Murcia.


Business incubators and co-working spaces



Vivero Municipal El Labradorcico

Center that aims to help entrepreneurs develop and consolidate their business idea, with access to space in different warehouses and offices, providing them with technical and training advisory services and adequate conditions to establish synergies.


Alhama de Murcia

Vivero de Empresas para Mujeres de Alhama

Building that offers in a combined way the use of facilities, training, advice and provision of services to facilitate business creation for women entrepreneurs and / or businesswomen.


Alhama de Murcia

Vivero Industrialhama

Unique building that offers fully furnished offices for rent for entrepreneurs, air-conditioned, with Wi-Fi, garage and storage room, as well as common services of meeting rooms, auditorium, post office and cafeteria.



Vivero Municipal de Empresas de Archena

Building of outstanding architectural design aimed mainly at young entrepreneurs, offering them a low-cost workspace with all the services and advice for starting a business activity.



Vivero de Empresas de Blanca

Space in the unique MUCAB building designed to locate companies in their first steps in the market. It offers premises, training, advice and provision of services adapted to the needs of your business project.


Caravaca de la Cruz

Vivero de Empresas de Caravaca

Space located in the Multiservice Center of Cavila equipped with offices and all the services necessary for the development of their activity to entrepreneurs and job generators.



Vivero de Empresas para Mujeres de Cartagena

Space that offers facilities, training, advice and provision of the services necessary to promote women’s entrepreneurship and support their consolidation.



Vivero de Empresas AJE Cartagena

Shared work space equipped with meeting areas and with all the necessary services for the development of entrepreneurial business activity.



Vivero de Empresas Manuel Pérez de Lema

Space that offers premises, training, advice and provision of services to newly created companies that can cover their basic needs and allow their consolidation.



Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación Cartagena

Space for the location of innovative companies and startups in their early stages of life with modules of various sizes, as well as a business center with small offices and a fully furnished coworking space.



Vivero de Empresas El Coso Centro de Promoción Económica de Cehegín

Space located within the Cehegín Economic Promotion Center (CPEC) that offers the necessary support to entrepreneurs and business people for the start-up and consolidation of their activity. It has offices and incubators for rent, as well as all the services for installed companies.



Vivero de Empresas de Ceutí

Space available to start and / or promote a business activity with tutored assistance to your projects, both new companies or with less than three years or those that start a new branch of activity. It also offers advisory and support services in the preparation of the business plan, support for business consolidation and advice and assistance for access to different sources of financing.


Fuente Álamo de Murcia

Vivero de Empresas de Fuente Álamo

Created to help new entrepreneurs to consolidate their business projects, it offers a space where they can develop their activity during their first 2 years of life. It has fully equipped offices, as well as an assembly hall, meeting rooms and workshops.



Vivero de Empresas de Jumilla

Space created to support entrepreneurs and facilitate the start-up of their activity through the supply of warehouses and offices, as well as, the provision of advisory services and tutoring of their business projects. It also has the possibility of having an open space called Pre-incubator.



Vivero de Empresas de Lorca CECLOR

Space located within the facilities of the Chamber of Commerce of Lorca, where a specially designed location is offered to host newly created companies where entrepreneurs will have extensive facilities and all the necessary services to develop any business initiative. Entrepreneurs also have at their disposal all the services of the Chamber for the advice and support of their initiatives.



Centro de Iniciativas Empresariales La Torrecilla Lorca

Physical space that combines the offer of fully equipped premises with training, advice and service provision, so that the basic needs of small and medium-sized companies are covered, allowing them to improve their survival expectations.



Vivero Municipal de Empresas de Mazarrón

Located in the unique building of the “Cresta del Gallo” Market, it offers entrepreneurs spaces for the development and consolidation of their activity..


Molina de Segura

Vivero Molina de Segura Centro de Nuevas Empresas

Space created for the temporary location of newly created companies that, due to being in the development phase, lack sufficient resources to settle. The companies located there also receive advice in areas such as management, training, research and development.



Centro de Iniciativas Municipales de Murcia CIM-M

Building that offers accommodation in modules, offices and coworking to entrepreneurs. Training workshops are also held and all kinds of information and advice are provided for the process of creating and developing a company, as well as networking activities aimed at business cooperation.



Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación Murcia

Center for entrepreneurial initiatives with innovative ideas that offers spaces for rent and also makes available to companies, hosted or not, the use of meeting rooms, training rooms and an assembly hall.



Vivero de Empresas Creativas de Murcia


Factoría Cultural is a space where facilities and specialized support are offered to companies linked to the Cultural and Creative Industries, in sectors such as design, tourism, the music industry or the performing arts.


Puerto Lumbreras

Vivero de Empresas de Mujeres de Puerto Lumbreras

Space created together with the CIFE Entrepreneurs Center to encourage business activity and promote the launch of new business initiatives of companies led by women. It offers offices, conference room, multipurpose room and various modules. In addition, it offers career guidance services, self-diagnosis, as well as accompaniment to the Business Plan.


Puerto Lumbreras

Centro de Emprendedores de Puerto Lumbreras CIFE2

Space that offers a business incubator service for young entrepreneurs who need a space to develop and consolidate their business project, for which it has premises, an assembly hall, a training room, a computer room and a wide range of support services and advice to entrepreneurs.


Puerto Lumbreras

Vivero de Empresas Culturales CEILUM

Space created to house business projects related to Communication, Arts and Technology, which has work modules, assembly room, company nest, cafeteria, course room, meeting room and creativity room.



Vivero de Empresas de Santomera

Space that offers offices and premises for rent to promote employment and self-employment, the creation of new companies and commercial activities and the maintenance of existing ones in the municipality of Santomera. It has common facilities such as a meeting room or a training room.


Las Torres de Cotillas

Vivero de Empresas de Mujeres de las Torres de Cotillas

Space designed to welcome female entrepreneurs and businesswomen, where the use of facilities, training, advice and service provision is offered in a combined way, to facilitate companies led by women their first steps in the market or their consolidation in it.



Vivero de Empresas de Totana VIVEM

Space created for the provisional location of new companies equipped with offices, incubator rooms, warehouses and other common spaces. It offers advisory and training services related to companies or entrepreneurship.



Vivero de Empresas para Mujeres de Yecla VIVEMU

Space for the location of entrepreneurial business initiatives led by women. It has fully equipped offices, as well as common areas such as an auditorium, meeting room, networking room or training room, among others.