Procedure Description Link


Procedure Description Link


“Based on the data provided, the possible favorable result based on the feasibility of implementing the target activity does not determine the favorable assessment of the license or the affidavit which, as municipal construction and activity proceedings, have to be requested from the corresponding City Hall”

Procedure Description Link
Urban license or Responsible Statement Apply to the town hall of San Javier for the urban planning license or Responsible Declaration in your case Website

Your answers

Municipality: San Javier

Soil Classification: No urbanizable

Does the land have a compatible or permitted use according to municipal regulations?: Si

Does your project require a power generation facility or gaseous fuels?: No

Severe accidents:

       Q < cantidad indicada en la columna 2 de las partes 1 y 2 del Anexo I

Activities which should be registered online at CARM’s website:

       Registro de aparatos elevadores

       Registro de equipos a presión

       Registro de instalaciones de almacenamiento de productos petrolíferos líquidos

       Registro de instalaciones de almacenamiento de productos químicos

Is it part of Red Natura 2000, protected wetlands or particularly sensitive areas?: Si

       Líneas para la transmisión de energía eléctrica cuyo trazado afecte a los espacios naturales considerados, con una longitud superior a 3 km, excluidas las que atraviesen zonas urbanizadas.


This guide is a support tool aimed at helping users to identify the procedures applicable to them when starting a new activity or modifying their existing activity, as well as implying: use of land, environmental impact or industry proceedings, depending on the data entered by the user. This guide is merely for information purposes and it is therefore NON binding. If investors decide to proceed, they should receive expert technical advice to confirm proceedings. The Regional Development Agency of Murcia shall not be held liable for the result obtained in the use of this tool.