7 July, 2022

New InvesTool “Express Permit Simulator” to facilitate the procedures for investing companies

The Ministry of Business, Employment, Universities and Spokesperson, through the regional development office (INFO), has launched a new free tool called ‘Express Permit Simulator‘ that, in an intuitive and agile way, offers a first approach of the legal requirements and the necessary documentation to develop a business project in our Region.

According to the Regional Minister, Valle Miguélez, “although it is only for informative purposes, it is very useful for an initial approach for any entrepreneur, since it offers a very complete perspective, depending on the numerous variants and typology of business initiatives, valid for any municipality in the Region, as a roadmap, information that, moreover, it can always be completed by our specialized services of the Investment Acceleration Unit (UNAI).”

In this context, this interactive tool is offered to any company, regardless of their business project or size, in which, by selecting the main characteristics of the activity, it finally offers a result of the necessary permits and authorizations for the start-up of a business activity.

It is a form where drop-downs appear grouped by different sections: urbanism, industry and environment permits. Through the drop-downs, the different available options are selected that help to draw the profile of the business activity. Once the selection is finished, the results page informs of the necessary administrative procedures with links and references to all of them.

It is a support tool that aims to help the user identify the procedures that would be applied in the case of starting a new activity or modification of their activity and that involve: land use, environmental affection or procedures in industry, depending on the data entered by the user himself. The result is merely indicative not determinative.

‘Express Permit Simulator’ can be used together with ‘Find your site’, another pioneering tool at the time in Spain, where extensive information is offered on business estates, by municipalities, available spaces, warehouses and land for sale, among an extensive offer.