6 October, 2021

Elluc Projects expansion into Murcia with a new office and a planned investment of more than 10 million euros

The regional development office in Murcia, Instituto de Fomento (Info), has managed the setting up of the company in a record time. Elluc Projects is a British engineering of exclusively digital technology involved in large construction projects in Australia that, as a result of Brexit, has chosen the Region as a European platform to serve its construction projects taking advantage of the time difference. The company’s planning, in the medium term, hiring, in the medium term, more than 80 specialized professionals and an investment of more than 10 million euros.

The Anglo-Australian family-owned company has developed an important business in the Asia-Pacific region, mainly in Australia and New Zealand, for what they needed a European platform to provide service 24 hours a day, without all the obstacles of the Brexit. Thus, the Region of Murcia, with the time difference and as a main gateway to Europe, has fit very quickly its business strategy.

The CEO of Elluc Projects, Louis McLoughlin, held a meeting last week with the Minister of Industry, Valle Miguélez, to whom he thanked for the support received by the Foreign Direct Investment Department in the regional development office, INFO, and he also confirmed the interest in hiring up to a hundred new employees who will be incorporated progressively to the company in Murcia.

The Minister of Industry could also learned about the work Elluc Projects carries out, trusting that in the near future, the relationship with the Region of Murcia will increase and a greater economic investment will be made by the company. “For now, its presence in the Region will allow to generate quality employment, with the hiring of about a hundred engineers, something that is good news,” said the Ministry.