26 September, 2022

Avior and Blantyre Capital become shareholders of ESP Solutions

ESP Solutions, a company from Murcia dedicated to temperature-controlled logistics and transport, has given Avior and Blantyre Capital a share in its capital. The current CEO of the company, Pedro Campillo, maintains a significant stake in the shareholding and continues as top executive in this new stage.

ESP Solutions has experienced strong growth over the last 15 years, pioneering and leading essential sectors such as pharmaceutical transport, live plants and high value-added products and e-commerce, obtaining “the highest certifications” for this type of transport such as TAPA or GDP.

Thus, Avior and Blantyre Capital have formalized a ‘joint-venture’ in the transport and logistics sector in Europe and will provide financial resources and support to the company and its CEO to accelerate the organic growth of ESP. The strategy focuses on betting on global solutions for increasingly global clients, strengthening the maritime transport business, opening new delegations in Spain and increasing its international distribution capacity through the development of new platforms.

Among other initiatives, ESP Solutions will strengthen its growing line of temperature-controlled logistics services by opening new logistics centers in Spain. The center already started in Alhama de Murcia stands out, with more than 56,000 m2 of facilities in negative temperature, a capacity for 120,000 pallets and more than 120 loading docks on an area of ​​almost 100,000 m2, and due to its strategic location it becomes one of the logistics centers of reference in the Spanish southeast.

Avior and Blantyre Capital will support investment in technology to digitize processes and daily operations and achieve greater efficiency and integration with their clients, also reinforcing their management team to achieve sustainable development.

The operation in ESP Solutions is the fourth that occurs in regional transport in recent months after the purchase by the US fund Apollo of 49% of Primafrío; the sale of 60% (expandable to 100% within three years of El Mosca by the Spanish group Logista; and the incorporation of Grupo Fuentes to the North American holding company Lineage Logistics.

The company currently manages a fleet of more than 1,000 vehicles and provides services in more than 20 countries. The company has 5 offices in Spain, as well as commercial delegations in Europe. It is also a European leader in sustainable transport, with a fleet of 300 liquefied natural gas vehicles, reducing particle emissions by 95%. Additionally, it provides intermodal transport services and has an important international maritime transport division.