13 October, 2023

19 new investment projects implemented in the Region of Murcia worth € 1,515M

The Regional Minister of Economy, Finance and Business, Luis Alberto Marín, has presented this Thursday a report on the investments projects implemented by the regional economic development agency in the Region of Murcia (INFO) in the first half of this year. In that period, Invest in Murcia has managed to attract a total of 19 projects from companies outside the Region, seven of them are foreign, whose development will involve a total investment of 1,515 million euros generating 2,286 job positions.

These results mean that the investment attraction has doubled compared to the 725 million euros of the same period last year, and the job generation has almost tripled compared to the 873 in the first half of 2022.

Six of these investments projects applied for the assistance of the Investment Acceleration Unit (UNAI), the fast track to investments that allow qualified investment projects to cut bureaucracy in half, licenses and permits included.

This Fast track to Investments (UNAI), created in 2015, together with an ‘InvesTool’ strategy, which incorporates the latest technological advances to attract investment projects have been the most important milestones in the investment attraction strategy in the Region of Murcia.

Instituto de Fomento (INFO) has been actively working to attract investment projects since 2001, under the brand ‘Invest in Murcia’, which has consolidated it as one of the most experienced Investment Promotion Agencies (API) with one of the highest confirmation rates in Spain.