27 March, 2023

The regional government promotes new actions with the aim of attracting more than 100 new investment projects for the Region

The promotion plan for the detection of short-term investment projects will include international fairs, lead-generation programs, business meeting agendas and investment seminars, among other initiatives.

The Minister of Business, Social Economy and Self-Employed, Valle Miguélez, has presented, together with the Director of the Department of Foreign Investment in the Region of Murcia economic development agency (INFO), Fernando Ballesta, the Agenda for Investment Attraction for the Region of Murcia, an action plan that will be developed during the following years 2023 and 2024 in certain priority sectors and markets.

For the development of this plan, whose priority markets are the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, the regional government will allocate 2.5 million euros. In addition, the Plan adds to the most competitive sectors in the Region, dual technologies sector, “since there is in the Region an important cluster of industrial companies that work in the field of defense, security and reconstruction, an area that will have an important development in the following years, “as explained Miguélez. Thus, this sector joins the manufacture of machinery and furniture or the food and chemical industries, among others.

The objective of this new Plan for the following two years is to work on some 115 investment projects and try to confirm some 65 investments.

Among the initiatives, one of the priorities is the promotion of reinvestment in the Region of Murcia, where there is a significant stock of foreign investment, with a number of foreign companies or subsidiaries reaching 367. “Therefore, our goal is to facilitate the organic growth of these companies, increasing their value chain, which leads to more supplier companies and more customers,” said the Regional Minister.

To advance in the investment objective, the ‘InvestorCafé‘ will be resumed, a prestigious club composed of foreign companies, multinationals and main companies in the Region.

In addition, a Forum of Multinational and Foreign Companies will be organized, on an annual basis, to mobilize the investment stock and provoke new projects for the Region. Additionally, the creation of the Regional Foreign Investment Panel will be proposed, to monitor investment, and a barometer of the impact of multinational companies on the economy of the Region of Murcia.

Another of the measures will focus on working on business location, through the network of business parks and industrial estates in the Region, as an attraction for the location of companies. Miguélez stressed that “having a good offer of industrial land, competitive and with excellent services, is crucial for the promotion of investment.”

Likewise, the ‘Excellent Industrial Municipality’ initiative will be launched, to reward the corporations that are most committed to their industrial spaces, and an Industrial Land Trade Show, so that all industrial spaces can show their offer of land, infrastructures and advanced services to companies that are studying an implementation in the Region.

Reverse trade missions will be organized by companies that are considering a project in Spain, as well as distribution groups or business associations from other countries, which will be able to take the opportunity to understand first-hand the industrial ecosystem and the advantages of investing in the Region.

The Plan also aims to present the Region of Murcia as an investment destination, ensuring its presence at fairs and organizing investment seminars and presentations. In this sense, it will have a continuous presence in the Foreign Promotion Plan that the Info develops in collaboration with the three Chambers of Commerce of the Region and that annually develops more than 100 promotional activities around the world. To these actions a publication of the Investment Guide of the Region of Murcia will be added, which will gather all the technical information to develop an investment project.