4 June, 2024

The Regional Government Exports its Investment Attraction Model to Chile

The Regional Ministry of Economy, Finance, and Business from the Region of Murcia, through INFO (Regional Economic Development Agency), showcased the regional foreign direct investment attraction model as an exemplary case at the international investment attraction seminar “Araucanía: Infinite Opportunities”. The seminar, held in Chile, highlighted the efforts carried out by the Regional Ministry through the Investment Acceleration Unit (UNAI), “a model that has already received several international recognitions for its value and effectiveness,” according to the regional Minister, Luis Alberto Marín.

In fact, the Araucanía region plans to soon implement its own Investment Acceleration Unit, based on the model from the Region of Murcia, making it the first locality in Chile to adopt this initiative.

Marín emphasized that “the Region is not only an attractive place to invest in but is also capable of exporting initiatives, such as the UNAI, which can stimulate economic development and growth anywhere in the world.”

The seminar brought together over 150 entrepreneurs, Chilean regional authorities, representatives of knowledge centers, and members of the Legislative Assembly, along with prominent representatives from the business and economic sectors of Ibero-America. The purpose was to promote the economic development of the territory, increase the competitiveness of the Araucanía region, and boost foreign direct investment processes.

During the seminar, strategies aimed at attracting capital were analyzed, as well as the opportunities offered by the Chilean region for companies from the Region of Murcia in sectors such as aquaculture, meat products, dairy, fruit industry, ICT, biotechnology, tourism, carbon, and creative industries.