22 February, 2022

The Region will show its business, cultural, tourism and gastronomic potential at the Dubai Expo

Forty companies from the footwear, contract, agricultural technology and agri-food sectors will be present from February 21 to 23 at the Week of the Region of Murcia, in the Spanish Pavilion.

From 21st to 23rd February, the Spanish Pavilion will host the Week of the Region of Murcia, which will have an agenda full of events and meetings, in which about forty companies from the Region will have the opportunity to participate. The Minister for Business, Employment, Universities and Spokesperson, Valle Miguélez, explained, during the presentation of the participation of the Region, that the event will count with the presence of companies from the footwear sectors (10 exhibitors of jewelry footwear), ‘contract’ (hospitality contracts) and agri-food technology, in addition to representatives of the Chambers of Commerce of Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca, the Port of Cartagena, and also the Regional Associations of Business Organizations from Murcia (Croem),  Cartagena (Coec) and Lorca (Ceclor).

“It is a unique showcase for our business fabric, which will raise awareness of the internationalization work carried out every day by these industries, products and technology in the Region, and that we are an ideal destination to invest in,” said Miguélez. The regional Minister explained that the activities have been coordinated between the regional Ministry of Water and Agriculture as well as with the Tourism Institute of the Region of Murcia.

Seminars and meetings

As for the activities that will be developed in the universal exhibition, the regional Minister  said that there will be three different scenarios. In the Spanish Pavilion a close collaboration will be maintained to carry out the official Region of Murcia flag raising ceremony (Monday 21 February) and for three days various cultural and gastronomic performances will be developed, with tasting of Murcian products and flamenco performances, periodically throughout the week. This pavilion will host the business delegation and other cultural events, among which the flamenco of Carlos Piñana stands out, and gastronomic with a ‘showcooking’ by José Miguel Cremades, from the Cangreja Group, and Juan Guillamón, from the Alma Mater restaurant.

The second scenario will be located in a hotel in Dubai, where various seminars will be held on ‘Water and sustainability’, ‘Innovation and horticultural production’, as well as a session with prestigious consultants to show them the main investment opportunities in the Region of Murcia, especially in infrastructure and logistics equipment. The third scenario will be developed through institutional activities. It is expected that the Murcian delegation will hold meetings with some leaders of the United Arab Emirates, in addition to visiting some of the Murcian companies with a presence in one of the emirates. “These are meetings of a strictly institutional nature, a very relevant aspect to be able to strengthen the presence of our companies in these markets,” said the counselor.

The Dubai Expo will also feature organizations and companies that will partially maintain agendas parallel to the official one, with interviews related to their particular business interests. The minister stressed that “it will be a very intense week, with an agenda where institutional and commercial aspects are combined in a very direct way, but, above all, it will be a very useful and profitable week for commercial, investment and prestige interests of the Region of Murcia”.