28 April, 2021

The Port of Cartagena will streamline solid bulk operations with one of the largest cranes on the market

The Port of Cartagena has hosted an operation, through the consignor Ership, for the installation of one of the largest cranes on the market, Liebherr 600, which has arrived aboard the ship Meri at the South Pier of Escombreras.

“This new crane will allow us to be more agile and operational in loading and unloading solid bulks, as well as being able to serve higher tonnage vessels,” said Port Authority President Yolanda Muñoz.

In this sense, Muñoz has stated that “it represents a 20 percent performance improvement to offer a more efficient and optimal service to customers using the Port. With this new acquisition, by the consignor Ership, it makes two Liebherr 600 in Escombreras, which will allow us to respond to the growth forecast that we have this year of some solid bulk traffic”.

The Liebherr 600 crane, with a hook capacity of 145 tons and a 70-ton spoon, is characterized by its fast and efficient handling capacity. Among its functional features, it has built-in Pactronic system, which allows to amplify the strength of the crane thanks to hybrid technology, reducing fuel consumption and thus adapting to the criteria of efficiency with the environment and sustainability.

The president of the APC has thanked the port community “for its commitment to improving infrastructure, an alliance that allows us to respond to market demands and contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the Port of Cartagena”.