26 January, 2021

The Port of Cartagena consolidates the traffic of wind energy parts

The Port of Cartagena has been the protagonist of a spectacular cargo operation of 50 wind units that left the first week of 2021 bound for New Orleans, United States, on board of the Happy River vessel.

The president of the Port Authority, Ms Yolanda Muñoz, explained that “it is the first time that this type of operation has been carried out in the Port of Cartagena. Previous exports went directly from the truck to the ship docked in Escombreras. This time, we have transported the wind turbine blades that were stored in a plot outside the customs zone to the ship located in the South dock “and she stressed that” this shows that the Port is prepared to mange and handle this type of merchandise that in the last years is being consolidated”.

The operation has been carried out with all the security controls and with enough space for the trucks to carry out all the necessary maneuvers for the transfer from the Port plot outside the customs zone to the E-203 front located in the South Dock of the Dock of Escombreras. Each piece is 80m long and 4 in diameter.

The Port of Cartagena has exported more than 800 units of wind turbine parts between blades and shafts for wind turbines in 2020. The goods come from the Vestas plant in Daimiel (Ciudad Real) and the Eiffage plant in Madrigueras (Albacete) and are consigned at the port by Ership and Agencia Marítima Blázquez. “This year we have exceeded 50,000 tons, consolidating the 2019 figures and with this type of operation we are going to position the Port of Cartagena as one of the benchmarks in project cargo logistics operations, as a port of entry and exit of this type of merchandise”. In addition, this year, for the first time, import operations of this type of parts have been carried out for national projects.

Yolanda Muñoz has remarked that “with this type of traffic we advance in our commitment to sustainability and care for the environment, with the improvement of renewable energy production and curbing the consumption of fossil fuels.” The main recipients of the wind energy pieces are Uruguay, Georgia, Finland, Senegal, Argentina and the United States, the Cartagena Port Authority has underlined.