10 July, 2020

The new call for “Reindus” will offer non-refundable grants of up to half a million for the manufacture of medical equipment

Subsidies from the Ministry of Industry arouse great interest among Murcian companies

Around a hundred people attended the video conference organized by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and the Murcia Regional Development Agency (INFO), to present specific grants to companies that manufacture medical equipment, with non-refundable subsidies of up to 500,000 euros.

In the telematic act, presented by the Minister of Business, Industry and Spokesperson, Ana Martínez-Vidal also explained the newest requirements of the traditional aid program for Reindustrialization (long-term loans) from which regional companies have obtained significant support . Martínez-Vidal, highlighted during her speech the importance of reindustrialization, based on knowledge and Industry 4.0 to create stable quality employment.

The new program of the ministry for manufacturers of sanitary equipment, whose publication will take place in a few days, will encourage the necessary investments for the production of masks, gowns, gloves, glasses, hydrogel and other related products in order to improve and increase the material to fight against COVID-19.

This newly created line offers a State grant, a non-refundable fund, that could reach up to 80% on the investment with a maximum grant of € 500,000. The investment completion period runs from February 1 to the end of the year. It includes new facilities for the manufacture of products related to the pandemic, the expansion of facilities that are already manufacturing such products, as well as the conversion of current manufacturing lines to lines capable of manufacturing, regardless of the size of the company.

As regards the Support Program for Productive Industrial Investment (Reindus), it finances investment projects with long-term loans that improve industrial competitiveness or contribute to reindustrialization. Among other aspects, the creation of industrial establishments: start of a new production activity in any point of the national territory, the transfer: change of location of a previous production activity to any point in the national territory, improvements or modifications of production lines, as well as the productive implementation of technologies of the “Connected Industry 4.0.”

During her presentation, the Minister of Business, Industry and Portavocía highlighted the excellent collaboration that the Ministry maintains with the Autonomous Community, through the INFO, that participates in the evaluation committees of the projects presented, in addition to the importance that this program offers for the territorial cohesion of the Region, given that during these years the support for companies has been widely distributed in all municipalities.

This year’s edition presents certain changes. Thus, the financing offered could reach 75% of the project with a maximum loan of € 800,000, with terms of 6 years with a 3-year grace period, while the minimum investment must be € 100,000 and the required guarantees 20% of the principal. Interest would be 0.37% for SMEs, 0.98% for large companies. It should be noted that the financing is intended for expansion or modernization projects, but not for new companies.

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Photo by Agencia de fotos de Macao on Unsplash