7 October, 2019

The largest logistics center of Europe is in the Region

Primafrio has inaugurated in the municipality of Alhama a large transport city covering a surface area of 300,000 square meters and equipped with everything, including its own hotel and supermarket. Not including drivers, the company employs some 400 people in the offices and annexed services of the new logistics center. The new premises have 106 loading bays, a storage area of 16,000 m2 and a parking space for 1000 trucks.

Construction of the new site has implied a €30-million investment for the company, which currently owns 2,000 trucks and has a turnover of €350 million. The 2,000 trucks owned by Primafrío make it necessary to employ about 280 people working in three shifts who monitor the traffic of vehicles driving all over Europe 24/7. To coordinate the movements of the firm’s fleet, state-of-the-art IT applications and communication systems are used.