25 November, 2022

The Integrated Transport Centre to be expanded with a 14 million euros investment

The Integrated Transport Center of Murcia will be expanded in a second phase with 280,000 square meters through an investment of 14 million euros, as agreed this month by those entities responsible for Citmusa, the public company that manages the industrial park., integrated by the economic development agency of the Regional Government (INFO), the municipality of Murcia, the transport companies association FROET and the Chamber of Commerce of Murcia.

The aim is to strengthen the transport and distribution sector in the Region, as well as multimodal transport, increase economic activity, promote job creation and provide the Region of Murcia with a platform within the Spanish network of logistics platforms, in the European Combined Transport Network and in the Mediterranean axis of the International Combined Transport Network.

The director of INFO, Joaquín Gómez, explained that “logistics is an essential element to strengthen the competitiveness of our companies, especially exporters, hence this expansion, highly demanded by the transport sector, represents a development for the medium and long term, both in the speed to access markets, as well as in terms of sustainability and protection of the environment, thanks to the improvement of such a key infrastructure.”