23 November, 2022

The German laboratory Dr. Lippert chooses Grupo Caliche to enter the Spanish market

The German company, Dr. Lippert has opened its first laboratory in Spain to provide the quality and food safety inspection services it has been providing in Germany for 20 years and have chosen the company from Murcia, Grupo Caliche, as a partner.

Both companies will promote joint projects aimed at integrating two key aspects in the international trade of fruits and vegetables: logistics and quality management. The objective is to facilitate the connection between producers and commercial areas through a comprehensive door-to-door service that guarantees that the product arrives at its destination on time, in optimal conditions and with all quality and safety controls.

Our goal is to get closer to the origin of the supply chain. In this way, we provide added value to our customers by identifying possible problems that may exist at origin and not at destination as it is the case in most cases still now, with all the operational, economic and agility advantages that this entails“, explained Frederick Lippert.

We are clear that the future of international trade in fruit and vegetable products must be much more integrated to shorten times and offer greater guarantees. Working together, we offer a service that aims to guarantee the quality and safety of the merchandise by shortening the time between being collected from the field and put on sale in the store“, explained Demetrio Lajarín, Director of Transport of Grupo Caliche.