6 July, 2020

The expansion of the Saprelorca Industrial Park will reinforce job creation in the Guadalentín Valley

The director of the Regional Development Agency (INFO), Diego Rodríguez-Linares, was appointed president of the Board of Directors at the General Meeting held a few days ago.

The Board of Directors of Saprelorca, the Lorca industrial estate, agreed a few days ago to contract the drafting services for the expansion, some 78 hectares in its southern area, which will reinforce the installation of new companies and the consolidation of this industrial space as a major source of job creation on the Lorca-Puerto Lumbreras axis.

The director of the Development Agency, Diego Rodríguez-Linares, who was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors by the General Meeting, stated that “the trajectory developed by Saprelorca constitutes an excellent example of good practices in the management of industrial spaces, with a commitment to innovative companies, endowed with a wide range of services and a clear vision of the future, also highlighting the partnership of institutions to support the creation of quality employment”.

Currently, more than 215 businesses are installed in the Polígono Saprelorca, which generate 9.6% of the total existing employment in the municipality and 24.1% of the aggregate turnover of the municipality of Lorca. The planned modification will allow the land annexed to the Saprelorca Industrial Estate to be requalified by its southern boundary, with an approximate area of ​​78 hectares, which together with the total urbanized area of ​​1,825,875 m2, will favor the consolidation of the Lorca – Puerto Lumbreras axis as a pole of economic activity.

The new president of the Board of Directors and director of INFO, which has a stake close to 50% of the shares, stressed that “we are going to put all the effort, once all the administrative procedures have been completed in accordance with the Public Sector Contracting Law, to accelerate the project and expedite the required procedures so that the space is available to companies in record time. The current coronavirus crisis requires quality sites that allow companies to gain competitiveness and improve their productivity. ”

During the development of the General Meeting, where the Mayor of Lorca, Diego José Mateos, was also appointed vice president of the Board of Directors, he was informed of the steps taken by the company, on the occasion of the 100-day pandemic, in which actively supported the companies integrated in the industrial estate for the correct development of their activity, complying with the necessary health requirements, among other things, in collaboration with the Lorca city council, fumigating all the streets on 2 occasions and collaborating in the distribution of sanitary masks to all employees together with the Civil Guard.