29 May, 2021

Since the beginning of the year, Invest in Murcia has worked in 40 investment projects worth 1,121 million euros

The implementation of those projects will mean the creation of 2,821 jobs

Since the start of the year, the Info has added to its portfolio of investment projects those of 40 companies, whose planned investment is 1,121 euros and the creation of 2,821 jobs, half of which, for their special characteristics, are being managed through the UNAI (Investment Acceleration Unit), which will significantly speed up its implementation.

“While we are going through a very tough economic crisis because of the pandemic, the portfolio of investment projects we manage is growing at a very high rate, which, in my view, means two things: that the competitiveness and talent of our business represents a top-notch incentive in a complicated economic framework, also for international investors and, secondly, that the desired economic recovery seems to be opening the way in the medium term with very good expectations”, said Joaquín Gómez, director of the Murcia Regional Development Agency (INFO) who participated today in the UNAI Investment Committee to analyze five new investment projects.

This administrative unit, integrated into the agency, offers constant support so that companies with investment projects can implement them in an agile and effective way. UNAI works in collaboration with the General Directorate of Industry, Environment, Territory Management, Employment, and municipalities of the different sites where the projects are located. Projects for Cartagena, Puerto Lumbreras, Yecla and Murcia were supervised at today’s Committee meeting.

These investment initiatives will reach, certain investment processes can take a few months to become a reality, the 54 million euros of investment and the generation of 159 jobs in the industrial, energy, furniture and services sectors.

Apart from those obtained in this financial year, the agency continues to work with the 2020 portfolio, a total of 89 investment projects – not all pass through the UNAI Committee -, with a predominance of Murcian companies, although there are also from the rest of Spain, as well as from the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Of all the projects that are being promoted 69% have an industrial character, highlighting the new record with the implementation of 30 solar plants, while those of greenfield logistics represent 24.7 of the projects. There was also a significant increase in manufacturing projects, while compared to previous years, the agri-food sector was less represented.

Among the projects in the implementation phase is the XXL Robotic logistic platform of Amazon, in the municipality of Murcia, with an investment of 159 million euros or Repsol’s project in Cartagena, investment of 112 million for a hydroelectric unit and isomerization of vegetable oil for biofuel.

During 2020 UNAI, the service is reserved for investments of more than 1 million euros or generating 15 full-time jobs, provided 44 investment projects with the procedure’s roadmap, created by a specialized technical team among other purposes, to accelerate management with municipalities and other agencies in addition to accompanying and advising them on the various steps.

Since its launch in 2015, UNAI has assisted 185 projects, the investment of which could reach EUR 3,436,867,715 with an expected employment of 7,252 jobs. Of the total managed, 75 are in completed processing and in works with an investment of 1,132,493,579 euros and employment for 3,619 people.