28 May, 2021

Regional companies invest more than 150 million in R&D, doubling national growth

The Region remains a leader in the growth of such investments and is among the top four in the ranking by communities.

Regional companies invested a total of 153.8 million in R&D (2019), achieving annual growth of 6.4%, which doubled the national average of 3.4%. In addition, the Region of Murcia has remained a leader, since 2017, in growth of R&D investment and is among the top four in the ranking by autonomous communities. In particular, growth of 6.7% in 2019 and 8.1% in 2018, surpassing national averages annually.

This data was highlighted in an event at El Batel (Cartagena), opened by the Regional Minister of Business, Employment, Universities and Spokesperson, Valle Miguélez, with the participation of industrial and technological companies in the Region that have taken part in the construction of the submarine S81.

The Murcia Regional Development Agency (INFO), within the framework of the investment attraction service, has organized this meeting with the occasion of the completion and launch of the submarine S81. The area of Cartagena has one of the highest rates of industrial activity in southeastern Spain, “which facilitates the development of projects such as the S81, as well as the implementation of industrial companies in its area”, emphasized the Minister.

During the day, four project suppliers for the construction of the S81 presented their technology (Herjimar, Tubacero, Mecánicas Bolea and OSL Iberia), and attendees had the opportunity to know the industrial and technological offer that the Region makes available to large industrial projects.

The Research and Innovation Strategy for Intelligent Specialization (RIS3MUR) develops in the Region of Murcia, with the support of the European Union, the economic transformation agenda that concentrates, in an efficient way, resources in those areas of specialization most promising depending on their comparative and competitive advantages.

RIS3MUR has mobilized a total of EUR 509 million in 2014-2020, including INFO Own Funds, ERDF Funds (regional and national), European returns, private investment and others. In fact, the weight of R&D relative to GDP in the Region is 0.99%, close to the target set by the 1% Strategy.

In addition, the Industrial GDP of the Region of Murcia is two points higher than the national average.

Valle Miguélez emphasized that Cartagena is “a reference industrial hub both nationally and internationally and we have to maintain its leadership“, while becoming aware that “we are talking about an industrial ecosystem, where everything adds up and that to have organic growth must have a good base of technological and industrial suppliers”.

You can watch the whole “Presentation of industrial and technological suppliers to the submarine S81 project” here.

Three new EIBT stamps for companies in Cartagena

Prior to the day at El Batel, the Minister visited the European Centre for Business and Innovation in Cartagena (CEEIC) to preside over the delivery of Innovative Technology-Based Companies (EIBT) stamps to three companies in the Region, distinguished by their high potential to generate a value economic activity, boost regional development and create quality employment. Distinguished companies are Arthropotech, Bionutrición Vegetal and Perito Judicial.

Miguélez, who also held a meeting with start-ups in the CEEIC ecosystem, stressed that the role of regional business and innovation centers “is much needed, as they are accelerators of technology-based companies and drivers of innovation and digital transformation of the business fabric of the Murcia Region”.