21 September, 2021

Pfizer expands its presence to Murcia with a new office in the Science Park

The pharmaceutical company promotes the development of innovative projects, in addition to supporting biomedical entrepreneurship initiatives.

The American multinational Pfizer, recognized for having developed one of the vaccines against Covid-19, will open an office in the Science Park of Murcia, managed by the Institute of Development of the Region of Murcia (INFO), with the aim of promoting the development of innovation projects, supporting biomedical entrepreneurship initiatives and collaborating with public-private entities in the field of health.

The Minister of Business, Employment, Universities, Valle Miguélez, said that “it is an incorporation of great relevance for the growth and consolidation of the regional innovation ecosystem.”

“Pfizer’s presence will strengthen business collaborations with public and private healthcare entities and entrepreneurs, with an enormous capacity for growth in the short and medium term. As for entrepreneurs, one of the most outstanding focuses is the Science Park, which already hosts more than fifteen companies with a great value of scientific-technological research, ” she added.

The pharmaceutical multinational develops a very active translational collaboration and also collaborates with the private medicine sector (Vithas, Asisa, Sedisa,…). The company reinforces its commitment in the places where it operates with communication channels to promote scientific-technological progress in society.

The Science Park of Murcia, located on the university campus of Espinardo, offers a wide coverage of services to the 15 installed companies that belong to different productive sectors and that actively work in the search for technological solutions. In addition, it houses the Isaac Peral Foundation and the Technological Center for Information and Communications Technologies of the Region of Murcia (Centic).