2 October, 2021

New multiannual call for grants for productive and technological investment

The call for these grants aimed at supporting productive and technological investments opens today with a budget amount of €6 million.

This grant program, which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), aims to promote investment projects in tangible assets related to the creation of a new establishment, the expansion of the capacity of an existing establishment, the diversification of the production of an establishment into products that were not previously produced in it or a fundamental transformation of the overall production process of an existing establishment.

Its main objective is supporting SMEs in the Region of Murcia in the acquisition of new material productive assets, from third parties, excluding the purchase of land, buildings, external transport elements and civil works.

The application process for eligible companies is open until October 28, 2021 and must be submitted through Info Directo.


  • Who is eligible?

SMEs that make investments in work centers in the Region of Murcia, dedicated to any sector of activity, with certain exceptions for the primary sector and others (consult the regulatory bases).


  • Eligible Costs:

New material productive assets acquired from third parties. Excluding land, buildings, civil works, external transport elements and acquisitions from group companies or related parties.


  • How much grant funding can your company get?

Non-refundable up to 45% for small businesses and 35% for medium-sized enterprises of the eligible costs (maximum of 150,000 euros for each beneficiary). Minimum eligible investment of 50,000 euros. Competitive funding.


  • How to apply for this grant?

Through the website Electronic Office (DIRECT INFO)


  • Deadline for applying:

Until October 28th, 2021