20 November, 2023

Invest in Murcia, awarded in the United States for its plan to attract investment

The Instituto de Fomento receives a ‘Go Global Award’, an award that recognizes companies or institutions that boost the world economy through their strategy, innovation and technology.

The event, which brings together 300 business leaders and 35 local development agencies from around the world, is organized by the ITC International Trade Council and this year was held in Providence, Rhode Island, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Commerce. The awards ceremony is the culmination of a three-day event, which aims to connect companies with potential partners, facilitate networking opportunities and foster strategic partnerships to drive global growth.

In reference to the award received, the Minister of Economy, Finance and Business, Luis Alberto Marín, recalled that “one of the first objectives of the regional government is to deploy a strategy to take advantage of the undoubted attractiveness that we have for foreign investors, as an area of economic freedom, at the forefront in reducing bureaucracy and fiscal moderation”. This attractiveness has been reflected in the foreign investment data for the first half of this year, which reveals, for example, that investments from the United States have reached 354 million euros this year, “which has allowed us to lead the growth of North American investment in Spain in the first half of 2023”, added.

Likewise, Marín revealed that at the meeting “it has been established in relation to four companies, two American, one from the United Kingdom and one from Poland, which are evaluating our Region for future investments and business projects”.

At this meeting, companies have the opportunity to present their projects to governments and heads of investment and development agencies in more than 30 countries. In addition, a multitude of bilateral meetings are held and brands participate in a multilateral trade and investment program, designed to support international expansion efforts. The Info participated as a jury in two rounds of business presentations and in a round table on regional collaborations to build synergies that promote development. El Info was the only Spanish development agency recognized at the ‘Go Global Awards 2023‘.