29 July, 2021

Industrialalhama will expand its developed area with an additional 130,000 m2

With an investment of 1.1 million euros, the new area will be focused on the service sector

The Board of Directors of the Industrialalhama industrial park, an entity owned by the Instituto de Fomento (Info) with 83.23%, agreed in its board of directors meeting held this week, to undertake the execution of the 5th phase of the partial development plan with the urbanization of an area of more than 130,000 m2, with a planned investment of € 1.1M, dedicated to the service sector.

“The new development approved by the board of directors will offer much-needed complementary services for an industrial park of this nature. The park has established itself as one of the pillars of industrial development in the Guadalentin valley and the expansion will attract more business investment, both from those already installed and from others outside our region” says the director of the Instituto de Fomento, the development agency for the Region of Murcia, Joaquín Gómez.

The new area to develop is located on the side of the RM-2 Alhama-Cartagena highway, which will facilitate its use for the provision of the services it will be dedicated to: commercial equipment, hotel industry, restaurants, business service offices and gas station. On its part, the City Council of Alhama has accepted the works of the 4th phase of the partial plan thus enabling plots with a total area of 110,000 m2.

In this way, Industrialalhama maintains a sustained and sustainable growth, and they have recently sold two plots for the expansion of companies operating in the food and metallurgical sector.

The board of directors has also authorized a new land purchase by the entity, whose Presidency is held by Mariola Guevara, mayor of the municipality of Alhama, for future expansions in the new area. At present, Industrialalhama has already acquired almost 600,000 m2 of a total of 1 million square meters planned for future developments.

The Director of INFO states that “Industrialhama is an excellent example of collaboration between the local governments, in this case that of the municipality of Alhama and the regional administration, through CARM and INFO, whose main beneficiaries are the companies and the improvement of their competitiveness since they have now facilities with good equipment and in constant improvement”.

The company Industrialhama, a public company that promotes the Industrial Park of Alhama and established in 1986, has a share capital of € 3,211,851 and the shareholding composition is as follows: INFO, regional development office of the Region of Murcia with 83.23%, the City Council of Alhama de Murcia owns 13.02%, while the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia has a percentage of 1.87%. The remaining 1.87% belongs to the company.