25 February, 2023

In 2022 Invest in Murcia worked on a portfolio of 51 new investment projects worth 650 million euros

The implementation of these investment projects would mean the creation of 1,075 jobs

In 2022, INFO, through Invest in Murcia, has 51 new companies added to its portfolio of investment projects that, if finally confirmed, would involve a total expected investment of 650 million euros as well as the creation of 1,075 new jobs.

According to the results report by Invest in Murcia, of these projects, 21 of them, with a total expected investment of 410 million euros, requested the assistance of the UNAI (Investment Acceleration Unit) due to their special characteristics, which significantly accelerated their projects.

Regarding the overall results generated in 2022, the number of projects that confirmed their entry into the Region increased compared to 2021, with 25 of those incorporated in 2022. In addition, 14 of the investment projects started in previous years, have culminated in 2022.

These 39 projects make up an effective investment for the Region of Murcia of 326 million euros as well as the creation of 1,141 new jobs.


Investment Acceleration Unit (UNAI)

The actions carried out in attracting investments in INFO are complemented by the Investment Acceleration Unit (UNAI), coordinated by the agency, in order to streamline the procedures and permitting processes and reduce the risks of the investment plans.

This service, which has recently updated its access requirements, is open to projects that involve an investment in fixed assets, excluding land and buildings, for an amount equal to or greater than 3,000,000 euros or that generate 25 new full-time jobs.

Currently, this Unit manages a portfolio of 160 projects that, once operational, will involve an expected investment of 3,454 million euros for the Region and the creation of 3,794 new jobs.

Among the main investments projects in the implementation phase, it is worth mentioning the largest solar plant for self-consumption in Europe (100 MW) carried out by the company SABIC.