17 June, 2019

Grupo Postres Reina inaugurates new factory in USA

Reina Meals, name of the branch of Grupo Postres Reina in America, has commissioned new facilities in Houston (Texas). The new factory, equipped with state-of-the-art food safety technology, will allow the company to increase production. The project, aimed at consolidating and expanding the company throughout the continent, is “a major step for the Reina brand, favoring job creation and boosting the local economy”.

From the new factory, Reina will launch new products which, together with existing ones, will be marketed in the main food chains of the United States. Grupo Postres Reina is currently comprised of six companies: Postres Reina (Group’s headquarters in Caravaca, Murcia, Spain), Postres Montero (Malaga, Spain), Docereina Sobremesas (Pombal, Portugal) and Reina Meals (Houston, USA). Furthermore, with the aim of diversifying its business portfolio, Surivan Feel The Taste, company specializing in the manufacture of food additives, ingredients and aromas, and Agua de Cantalar, bottled water company, recently joined Grupo Postres Reina.