28 September, 2021

Eviosys, the global giant of food packaging in Murcia

López-Zamora, new CEO of the company

KPS Capital Partners, LP announced last April that it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire the Europe, Middle East and Africa food, aerosol and promotional packaging business (the “EMEA Food and Consumer Packaging Business” or the “Company”) from Crown Holdings, Inc. for €2.25 billion (approximately $2.7 billion) where Crown would retain 20% ownership of the company.

Now, with a new name, Eviosys becomes the leader in metal packaging, whose priority is innovation and sustainability. The company will promote the development of fully eco-friendly packaging, creating solutions that help customers achieve their sustainability goals, while protecting the planet, people and communities.

In addition, KPS has appointed Tomás López-Zamora as new CEO of the company, who was already at the head of the company when it was still called Mivisa and was acquired by Crown at the end of 2013. The executive, a great expert in the sector, initially remained at Crown Food, although he finally ended up leaving the company, so this appointment means the return of López-Zamora to what was his home for several decades.

Tomás López-Zamora will be responsible for the new metal packaging holding company that will have its headquarters in Zug (Switzerland). The new company was born as a global leader in its segment and has 7 design and RDI studios, 3 laboratories and a total of 44 manufacturing plants in 17 countries with a workforce of 6,300 people.

López-Zamora, the new CEO of this global giant, has assured that “this is an incredibly exciting time for the packaging industry. Eviosys combines 200 years of experience in product preservation and brand promotion, with a future focus on innovating to protect the planet. With the company’s footprint in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) the launch of Eviosys means a radical change for the entire industry, leading to smart and sustainable packaging for all.”

The company has also appointed Olivier Aubry (also with a long history at Crown) as the new Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “With our focus on smart and sustainable packaging solutions, Eviosys will take a safe step to make products fit our customers, end consumers and the planet. That means smart, uncompromising design solutions. Quality, with sustainability at the center.”