17 May, 2021

CEEIM rated as Spain’s second-best business incubator

The European Centre for Business and Innovation of Murcia (Ceeim), attached to the Murcia Regional Development Agency (Info), has been listed as the second best in Spain to accompany entrepreneurs in the creation of their company, according to the Ranking of Business Incubators 2021/2022, published by the Foundation of Funcas Savings Banks and the King Juan Carlos University. Ceeim has been selected from a total of 424 incubators analyzed across the country. The first qualifier has been the incubator of the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago de Compostela, and the one in Vicálvaro (Madrid) came in third place.

In its latest report, Funcas has analysed the work of the centres, as well as their capacity and speed in the adequacy of their services for entrepreneurs by the current pandemic. They have also studied his work as ecosystems that promote contact between entrepreneurs to share experiences, mature their companies and contribute to turning them into prosperous and profitable businesses.

The director of Info, Joaquín Gomez, emphasized that “the positioning in the ranking of Funcas and the King Juan Carlos University only endorses the magnificent work carried out by Ceeim in the field of entrepreneurship and European programs, with special emphasis on technological start-ups, something that is essential to consolidate our entrepreneurial ecosystem and lay the foundations that will help us change the productive model of the Region”.

Ceeim’s choice is based on the set of services provided during all phases an entrepreneur goes through to launch his business idea. This circuit ranges from arriving at the incubator with a business idea, goes through different growth phases through advice and training to its accompaniment to find public and private financing.

To carry out its mission, Ceeim has in its facilities the Entrepreneur’s Nest, where future entrepreneurs are helped to develop their business plan, and a technological incubator of companies, closely linked to the Info, with innovative projects in services or products. In addition, it is home to Murcia-Ban, the network of private investors promoted by the Info and develops a work to spread the entrepreneurial culture among the Murcian population.

In 12 years, Ceeim has tutored 224 innovative and technological projects that have created more than 1,300 jobs and advised some 3,500 companies and entrepreneurs.

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