17 June, 2019

Brexit, Threat or Opportunity

With Brexit around the corner, one can fall into discouragement due to uncertainty, or understand that this process is an interesting opportunity to welcome new companies into the Region of Murcia. The United Kingdom leaving the EU results in opportunities for our region due to factors such as the foreseeable lack of competitiveness by British firms as they will no longer be eligible for EU finance and support programs, projects and mechanisms, and their labor market could stagnate. Another factor to be considered is the establishment by British companies of commercial and strategic alliances with EU countries and regions to ensure they remain present in the rest of Europe.

Many companies have already left the United Kingdom or are in the process of setting up subsidiaries in EU countries. As the leave date approaches, it is more than foreseeable that a larger number of companies with do the same. In the Region of Murcia, we welcome British investors, preparing set-up projects adapted to their business sectors and features. In this regard, the role of the Investment Acceleration Unit (UNAI) will be paramount. Over 2,100 jobs in the Region of Murcia are created by United Kingdom companies, including G’s, Langmead, Dainton Group Services, PCS Manufacturing Ltd., GoResponse Ltd., Kappa Packaging and DFS Furniture Company.