16 March, 2021

Austrian RP Global will develop the second largest photovoltaic plant in Europe with 507 MW in Puerto Lumbreras (Region of Murcia)

It will supply energy equivalent to 80% of the homes in the Region.

The Austrian group RP Global has started the process to obtain the different authorizations for the development of a large solar photovoltaic park in Spain. This is the Carril Solar project, with 507 MWp of power and which would make it the second with the highest installed power in Spain after Francisco Pizarro from Iberdrola in Extremadura (590 MW).

Carril Solar will have an area of ​​about 700 hectares in the municipality of Puerto Lumbreras (Region of Murcia). An evacuation line of approximately 18.5 km long will be installed to transport the energy generated to the interconnection point located in the Carril substation, owned by Red Eléctrica de España (REE). The evacuation line is shared between Puerto Lumbreras and the municipality of Lorca, with one third and two thirds of the length respectively.

The plant is expected to generate 1,018 GWh / year, approximately the equivalent energy of 300,000 homes, about 80% of the homes in the Murcia region. With this plant, it is planned to stop emitting 250,000 TCO2 per year.

Carril Solar will have 838,230 monocrystalline modules of 605 Wp each with a single-axis tracker structure. Likewise, it will have 2,145 units of string inverters of 212 kW and 8 units of string inverters of 105 kW at 35ºC. It will also have 70 units of 6.3 MVA transformers and 7 units of 3.15 MVA transformers, both 33 / 0.8 kV ratio.

The total budget for the facility amounts to more than 252 million euros and the plant is assisted by INFO’s Investment Acceleration Unit (UNAI).