12 July, 2021


Alvalle produces more than 30 million litres of gazpacho per year and exports 50% of its production to six countries between Europe and the United States

Its gazpachos are made of high-quality vegetables, collected by hand from the Murcian orchard and surroundings

It has the widest range on the market and this summer will launch two new varieties “Gazpacho with Watermelon” and “Gazpacho with Beetroot”.

Alvalle, the leading brand in the category of refrigerated branded gazpachos in Spain, celebrated its 30th anniversary in June with a virtual press conference opening the doors of its new plant called “La Cocina de Alvalle”, located in Alcantarilla, Murcia. After an initial investment of 31 million, and only one year after its setting up, Alvalle expands its investment with an additional six million for the improvement of its facilities.

The main innovation in its new plant of 28,000m2 and three production lines, is the expansion to a fourth line planned for next summer 2022. It will also feature important sustainability developments related to energy and water. Firstly, the installation of 1,500 solar panels that will provide the equivalent of 20% of the plant’s annual energy, and secondly, the implementation of two new water systems, one for recirculation and the other to increase its recovery, which will allow savings of up to 15% per year. Part of the investment will also be allocated for the tomato dump from the small boxes used by Alvalle so that they are not damaged, among other projects. Overall, the total investment for 2021 amounts to 6.3 million euros.

Alvalle annually produces more than 30 million litres of gazpacho and has a plant team of more than 100 people. In the agricultural supply chain, it employs about 500 people.

Narcís Roura, managing director of PepsiCo in Southwest Europe says “Alvalle is the jewel in our crown, a product of great quality and flavour with 100% natural ingredients in complete trend with the preferences of today’s consumers. Since joining our company in 1999, we have seen a sixfold increase in our production and we already export 50% of the total to international markets such as France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The brand celebrates 30 years of history preserving its essence, local origin and great quality as hallmarks.

Alvalle created the first packaged gazpacho in 1991 and over three decades has managed to be faithful to its origin maintaining its traditional recipe and offering a high-quality product thanks to its proximity to the Murcian orchard and its close relationship with its farmers. Every year, Alvalle collects 33 million kilograms of vegetables, 98% of them by hand. Tomatoes are only harvested at their optimum ripening point and transported in small boxes to prevent damage. The oil is extra virgin olive and comes from cooperatives in Cordoba and Jaen.

In Alvalle, sustainability is a priority, so its key principle is to “produce more with less” and thus contribute to the improvement of the environment.

As for their farming practices, Alvalle practices a regenerative agriculture that allows them to obtain the best quality while taking care of the environment. On the one hand, saving on water consumption is a priority and therefore it is only drip watered and the roots of the plants are covered to prevent water from evaporating. To benefit the quality of the soil, crop rotation is practiced and pests are also combated with biological control.

The new plant also operates more efficiently: its electricity consumption is already 100% green, from renewable sources, and thanks to the use of new technologies, it will be possible to reduce water consumption by 30% more and energy consumption by 20% compared to the previous plant. To minimise water consumption, for example, Alvalle has an automatic registering system of the consumptions necessary to wash vegetables properly, also designed to avoid losses or excesses.

Alvalle has the widest range on the market: this summer will be launching two new refreshing recipes in order to become an ambassador of the Mediterranean diet.

Alvalle has begun the summer launching two new recipes: “Gazpacho with Watermelon” and “Gazpacho with Beetroot”, as well as a new individual format in jar, in line with consumer trends It is the brand with a wider range and has among its product references: “Gazpacho Original”, “Gazpacho Suave without cucumber”, “Gazpacho Andaluz”, “Salmorejo” or “Ajoblanco” along with other more innovative ones such as the “Gazpacho Gourmet” with almonds.

The company has the strong ambition to extend its presence both in Spain and internationally where it already exports half of its products. Alvalle has recently entered two new markets: the United States at the end of last year in Chicago (Illinois), and, where today it has almost tripled its presence by expanding to the East and West Coast, and more recently in the United Kingdom through the supermarket chain Tesco. France remains the first international market and where Alvalle is a leader in the category of cold soups since it was launched in 2009. Among its exclusive products for the French market are “Green Gazpacho” or the “Gazpacho with tomato, mint and basil”, among others. The other markets Alvalle is present in are Portugal, Switzerland and Belgium.